Window Cleaning – How BWC do a first clean.

First clean at a property in Keysoe today. When we do a first clean on a property we always clean all the frames and windows twice, this is our way of ensuring that the windows look there best first time we visit.

At Bedford Window Cleaning we set very high standards for our operators, we ensure that they have an eye for detail and leave no marks on your windows.

We start our cleaning process with de-cobwebbing all your windows, frames doors, then we Scrub all the window, frames, doors and sills to clean off any dirt and marks, following this we rinse all the frames and windows to remove any dirty water.

Finally after this first cleaning process, we start again with a second clean to ensure that your windows are left immaculate.

We use pure water-fed poles to do our cleaning, and following our tired and tested methodical cleaning method we have cleaned property’s across Bedfordshire, achieving first class results every time.