Roof Cleaning / Moss Removal / Softwash

Bedford Window Cleaning specialise in Roof Deep Cleaning to remove all moss and debris that has built up on your roof.

We have a tried and tested method of cleaning your roof and removing all the moss, we have the ability and experience to clean all domestic and commercial roofs safely using a combination of MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) and scaffold towers.

We ensure all works are being carried out to strict safety standards. 

Before we begin any cleaning we conduct a detailed areial survey to visually inspect the roof of your property, we will need to inspect both the outside and interior roof void for any damage to the roof lining, tiles or existing water ingress. Once our inspection is complete and we deem the roof to be in the right condition we can provide a quote for our services.

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Why get your Roof Cleaned?

If the moss and algae is left un-kept it becomes a constant source of debris that will clog up your gutters which can cause leaks and damp around your home.

The only way to ensure that your gutters won't constantly get clogged up is to remove the source of the problem.

We offer two different types of roof cleaning service.

Standard Roof Moss Removal

Roof Moss Removal and Soft-Wash Treatment.

Our standard roof moss removal service is completed using 2-3 stages depending on the thickness of the moss/algae/lichen growths.

Before any work begins we ensure safe routes of access to the roof. This is done at the quoting stage, and all costs associated with the cleaning will be included in the quote (no hidden charges).

Stage 0: Pre-treatment for roofs with thick moss deposits to enable easier removal. We cover any plants or green areas to prevent any over-spray of the chemical treatrment.

Stage 1: Before work begins we carry out a on-site risk assessment to ensure we are working safely at all times during the cleaning. All downpipes are blocked to ensure no debris falls into them during the moss removal. Tarps are positioned around the property to catch the moss that is removed, aiding in the cleaning up after we are finished.

We then begin the removal of all moss, using our specially designed roof scrapers that are shaped to the profile of your roof tile we are able to safely and efficently remove the moss from your roof, this is the best way to remove moss to reduce the chance of damage to the roof tiles and ensure the safety of the operator cleaning the roof. Once the roof has been scraped of all moss and debris, we then brush the roof to remove any remaining particles.

Following this we clear and inspect all your gutters/downpipes to ensure they are free of all blockages.

All moss from the cleaning and clearance is removed from the property unless requested by the customer. We are fully compliant with the disposal procedures and the moss we take from your roofs gets composted and used on local allotments in Oakley.

Stage 2: Biocide treatment of the roof, this is sprayed at low pressure onto your roof coating all of the roof tiles and soaking into any growths to break down all the Algae/Lichen/Moss spores.

Expected results:

You can expect that the natural colour of your roof tiles will be revived. This does NOT happen immediately after cleaning, the biocide treatment takes between 6-12 months to work. Although the results will progressively show from around 14 days after application.

Complete Exterior Clean

With our complete service you will get:

  • Roof Moss and Algae removal (All the features of our Standard Roof Moss Removal
  • Full Gutter Clearance and Inspection
  • Full Soffit and Gutter Clean
  • Full Exterior Window Clean

Our complete exterior cleaning service is the full package to brighten the whole exterior of your home, we have bundled several of our services together at a reduced price. (This offer is only valid if all services are undertaken in conjunction with our roof moss removal service.)

Maybe you are looking to put your property on the market but are worried that potential buyers might be put-off by the moss growths on your roof?


Q: What is the active ingredient in your chemical spray?

A: The active ingredient is DDAC (Didecyldimethtylammonium Chloride).

Q: How long before it has an effect on the roof?

A: It works within minutes to kill all algae, lichen, fungi and mould. Then the self-cleansing effect can be seen in 24-48 hours with more dramatic results seen in weeks or months depending on the prevailing weather, local environment and the type of surface. Lichen are the most troublesome and can take 6 months to a year to go from a roof or drive. Red, green, light black on render will usually disappear in a few weeks.

Q: How long does the Biocide treatment last?

A: It depends on the location and prevailing weather. Some roofs, if pre-cleaned properly before given a softwashing treatment, can last up to five years before signs of re-colonisation appear.

But if there are tall trees near by, for example, the surface may need re-treating annually.

We to tell our customers to allow 1-3 years before a maintenance treatment may be required for the majority of roofs.

An ongoing maintenance treatment is less labour intensive than a full clean, therefore costs less, and will keep your roofs looking great all the time.

Q: Is it harmful to aquatic life?

A: Yes, This product is toxic to aquatic life, and will kill fish. We cover any areas of the property that contain aquatic life, however minimal run-off is not harmful. The chemical is completely safe once dried.

Q: Does this work?

A: In our experience since using this chemical, we have found it to be highly effective at tackling mould, algae, moss and other growths, its powerful stuff.

Q: Do you offer roof repairs?

A: No, we  purely offer a cleaning service, this is why we fully inspect the roof prior to cleaning to ensure there is not any damage or repair works needed.

Don't just take our word for it, look at what our customers have to say.

My neighbour and I employed BWC to clean the moss from the roofs of our adjoining bungalows and to clean out the gutters. It was an incredibly messy job - it had not been done in 50 years and the men were out in very cold weather. My neighbour and I to be honest were very nervous in case the roof got damaged or one of the men fell off ! As it turned out we needn't have worried, They were first class professional workmen and did a really excellent job on the roof and cleared up every scrap of the mess washing the windows and the ground around the house with great care. I could not fault them.Also they were extremely pleasant,considerate and friendly throughout. I would highly recommend them and would not hesitate to employ them again.

Hillary - Turvey

The difference before and after treatment was amazing.
Excellent service from a professional team.

Barry - Keysoe