Roof Cleaning / Moss Removal / Softwash

Bedford Window Cleaning specialise in Roof Deep Cleaning to remove all moss and debris that has built up on your roof.

We have a tried and tested method of cleaning your roof and removing all the moss, we have the ability and experience to clean all domestic and commercial roofs safely using a combination of MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) and scaffold towers.

We ensure all works are being carried out to strict safety standards. 

We have extensive experience and to date (November 2021) have transformed over 350 roofs across Bedfordshire and beyond travelling as far as London, Oxford and Cambridge and beyond!

We offer our services to both commercial and domestic customers.

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Why get your Roof Cleaned?

  • Removes the cause of blocked gutters/down pipes. Moss growth is often brought up on property surveys as a cause of water ingress into the property. As roof moss becomes a constant source of debris clogging up the gutters causing the water to overflow, into areas it should not be flowing, it is therefore important to control its growth.
  • Cracked Tiles, moss is often the cause of cracked roof tiles when the growths cover the tiles and then it rains and the moss is saturated if it freezes it can cause the tiles to crack. As well as causing tiles to be lifted out of position when. growing in the vertical bond.
  • This process makes the roof look clean and presentable, this is important if you want the exterior of your property looking it’s best, and/or your trying to sell your property to prospective buyers.
  • Weight: The average roof we clean fills a 1 tonne builders merchant bag full of moss and other debris, this is a significant load on the structure of your property, especially when it rains and the moss soaks up and holds water.
  • Less Mess: If you have moss growths on your roof you will know that throughout the year it will fall/ get blown by the wind around your property becoming unsightly and require long constant clean-up.
  • Prevention: We apply a prevention Biocide which continues working for around 12 months after we have left your property, this means your roof will stay cleaner for longer, then all we recommend is having it re-treated with Biocide ever 3-4 years depending where you live at a fraction of the cost of a roof clean. This also takes care of the more stubborn growths like Lichen & Algae.

We now offer our roof cleaning in 3 different packages, from standard moss removal and prevention treatment, to the ultimate exterior cleaning package.

With our Bronze Package you will get:
  • Roof Moss, Algae & Lichen removal & Prevention Treatment
  • Full Gutter Clearance and Inspection
Expected results:
You can expect that the natural colour of your roof tiles will be revived making your roof look clean and presentable. This does NOT happen immediately after cleaning, the biocide treatment takes between 6-12 months to work. Although the results will progressively show from around 14 days after application.

With our Silver Package you will get:
  • Roof Moss, Algae & Lichen Removal & Prevention Treatment
  • Full Gutter Clearance & Inspection
  • Full Fascia, Soffits & Gutter Cleaning
  • External Window Deep Clean
Expected results:
You can expect that the natural colour of your roof tiles will be revived making your roof look clean and presentable. This does NOT happen immediately after cleaning, the biocide treatment takes between 6-12 months to work. Although the results will progressively show from around 14 days after application.
With our Gold Package you will get:
  • Roof Moss, Algae & Lichen Removal & Prevention Treatment
  • Full Gutter Clearance & Inspection
  • Roof Restore Treatment  returning the tiles to their original colour.
  • Full Fascia, Soffits & Gutter Cleaning
  • External Window Deep Clean
  • Roof Restore Treatment  returning the tiles to their original colour. Using low pressure steam we are able to provide instant results to your roof this is ideal if you are looking for a speedy improvement to the curb appeal of your property.
This is the Ultimate Exterior Cleaning Package to brighten your home.
Expected results:
You can expect that the natural colour of your roof tiles will be revived to a very high standard (See Results Below). This happens instantly after cleaning and continues to improve with the biocide treatment over the next 6-12 months, progress will show from around 14 days after application.
The entirety of the exterior of your home will look dramatically improved, this is perfect if you are looking to improve the look, value and marketability of your property.

Our packages are tailored to the needs of our customers, the more services you decide to go for the more we are able to discount them by combining them together, this saves us time and therefore we can save you some money compared to having them done separately.

Maybe you are looking to put your property on the market but are worried that potential buyers might be put-off by the moss growths on your roof?

We also offer Render Cleaning and other Soft-Washing services.

How do we do it?

1.  We start by conducting a site survey of your roof and property to identify safe access, condition of the roof so we can provide a quotation, this is usually conducted in person.
2.  On the date of our visit we begin by putting tarpaulins around your property to catch all of the moss we scrape from your roof.
3.  We then erect scaffold towers so that we have safe vantage point from which to scrape the moss from your roof. This removes any need for us to walk on your roof tiles, the only reason we would need to get on your roof is if there is a special access requirement that cannot be mitigated with a safer approach. In which case roofing ladders would be used or MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) if that is not suitable. This would all be discussed during the quotation stage of the process.
4.  Now that we have our safe work environment established we begin scraping the moss from your roof using special profiled scrapers that are attached to telescopic poles to reach even the most difficult parts of your roof. We can reach up-to 50ft in some cases from the safety of our scaffold towers. We also use wire brushes for the ridge and lips of the tiles to ensure we remove all of the moss. This process removes 99% of the moss from the roof and which is left is too small to scrape and is well below the threshold for what the biocide will comfortable take care of during its exfoliation process.


5. Once the moss removal process is complete, we vacuum clear all of the gutters and downpipes to ensure they are all clear and functioning properly, we visually check these prior to starting the next part of the process. All of the moss is removed and bagged up to be safely composted to ensure it isn't sent to landfill.
6.  At this stage if you have picked our gold service package we move onto a low pressure steam process, to gently remove the biofilm embedded in to the roof tiles this is a delicate process which causes no damage to the coating on the tiles compared to cold water power washing. This process removed the discolouring effect caused by dirt and biofilm on the surface of the tiles leaving them in their best possible condition. This process is completely optional but does deliver superb results.

7.  Now the roof is ready to be treated. We treat your roof as part of all our roof cleaning packages and comes as standard. We believe this is the most important part of the process protecting your investment in having your roof cleaned, by preventing re-growth. We brush in biocide which is pumped under low pressure from our vans which have special Dosatron mixing equipment which ensures exacting mix ratios are applied consistently across your roof. The brush in method allows us to get the best dwell time as our brushes use fan jets and instantly create a foam that sticks to the tiles ensuring minimal run-off.
8. The biocide soaks deep into the biological structures on the roof. Biofilm is a collection of microbial communities enclosed by a matrix of extra cellular substances adhering to natural and man-made surfaces. Such as Green Algae, Black Algae, Liverwots, Mould, Moss, Lichens & Bactria. The biocide process works over a period of 12 months gradually exfoliating the roof times and removing the Biofilm, if you haven't opted for our Gold package then you will get similar results from this process over the 12 months. The reason why we also apply the biocide with our gold package is to ensure that any biofilm you cannot see is still removed.


9. Once the Biocide process has done its work not only will you have a nice clean looking roof. Your roof will be back to a biological start point, so if your wondering how long till there is re-growth, then this will be similar to how long the tiles took to form the biological growths in the first place. Usually most properties can expect no re-growth for several years before it becomes noticeable, Others it can be shorter periods of time. This can be affected by the architectural features of a property or the environment around if you have lots of leaf fall, the breakdown of these will feed any biological growth.
We guarantee that our biocide process will do its work and if after 12 months since our visit you are not satisfied then we will re-treat if required. In over 500 roof cleans we have only had a handful that have needed a top-up treatment.
10. On-going maintenance we will recommend to you an appropriate period of time before a maintenance treatment is needed for your property. This ongoing service is to protect your initial investment in having your roof cleaned, a re-treatment costs a fraction of the price of the initial roof clean as all that is required is an application of the biocide treatment to take care of any biofilm growth before it takes hold forming biological structures like Moss and Algae. Generally we recommend this around 3-5 years after a roof clean a typical cost for this is between £150 - £300 for a standard domestic property. As part of a maintenance visit we inspect the roof and gutters and carryout a full gutter/ downpipe clearance.


Q: What is the active ingredient in your chemical spray?

A: The active ingredient is DDAC (Didecyldimethtylammonium Chloride). We only use Label Compliant HSE approved Biocides.

Q: How long before it has an effect on the roof?

A: It works within minutes to kill all algae, lichen, fungi and mould. Then the self-cleansing effect can be seen in 24-48 hours with more dramatic results seen in weeks or months depending on the prevailing weather, local environment and the type of surface. Lichen are the most troublesome and can take 6 months to a year to go from a roof or drive. Red, green, light black on render will usually disappear in a few weeks.

Q: How long does the Biocide treatment last?

A: It depends on the location and prevailing weather. Some roofs, if pre-cleaned properly before given a softwashing treatment, can last up to five years before signs of re-colonisation appear.

But if there are tall trees near by, for example, the surface may need re-treating annually.

We to tell our customers to allow 1-3 years before a maintenance treatment may be required for the majority of roofs.

An ongoing maintenance treatment is less labour intensive than a full clean, therefore costs less, and will keep your roofs looking great all the time.

Q: Is it harmful to aquatic life?

A: Yes, This product is toxic to aquatic life, and will kill fish. We cover any areas of the property that contain aquatic life, however minimal run-off is not harmful. The chemical is completely safe once dried.

Q: Does this work?

A: In our experience of cleaning over 500 roofs using this chemical, we have found it to be highly effective at tackling all types of bio-film like mould, algae, moss and other growths, its powerful stuff.

Q: Do you offer roof repairs?

A: No, we  purely offer a cleaning service, this is why we fully inspect the roof prior to cleaning to ensure there is not any damage or repair works needed. However should you need the odd tile replacing or need further work we can recommend a local tradesman that will be able to assist.

Don't just take our word for it, look at what our customers have to say.

Martin at Bedford Windows organised window cleaning at our 6 block 115 flat development following our change of management company. Previous contractors had hardly bothered in the previous ten years. Bedford Window Cleaning arranged access to individual flats as necessary,
which surprised us, great service. At the end of the clean the results amazed us, the now white frames and glass gleamed.

We have since contracted BWC to remove roof moss, clean gutters and soffits, remove moss, jet wash and sand our tired block paving. Many people hadn’t realised it’s more pink than brown. Martin is a total professional, the equipment he uses is first class, even inspecting and checking the quality of the clean with a drone. It is a pleasure to have this company on site, good people.

We will continue to use BWC for our quarterly window clean and any other work as necessary as I believe that you will not find a better quality of work or value for money.

Alex White - Bedford

Professional and reliable service for both window cleaning and moss removal. Happy to recommend Bedford Window Cleaning.
Margaret - Felmersham, Bedfordshire

Bedford Window Cleaning have been cleaning our windows for some time, and we are always left very pleased with the result, and the polite efficient service. They also cleaned and treated our roof, removing old moss and grass and leaving it all looking very clean and tidy. The treatment means no moss has grown back, very happy indeed.

Helen - Wilden, Bedfordshire

My neighbour and I employed BWC to clean the moss from the roofs of our adjoining bungalows and to clean out the gutters. It was an incredibly messy job - it had not been done in 50 years and the men were out in very cold weather. My neighbour and I to be honest were very nervous in case the roof got damaged or one of the men fell off ! As it turned out we needn't have worried, They were first class professional workmen and did a really excellent job on the roof and cleared up every scrap of the mess washing the windows and the ground around the house with great care. I could not fault them. Also they were extremely pleasant, considerate and friendly throughout. I would highly recommend them and would not hesitate to employ them again.
Hillary - Turvey, Bedfordshire

The difference before and after treatment was amazing.
Excellent service from a professional team.

Barry - Keysoe