Health and Safety

Here at Bedford Window Cleaning we take Health and Safety into consideration in every task we do, we ensure that all our services are carried out with our personal safety and safety of others at the forefront of our minds. 

We have full method statements and risk assessments to cover every service we offer, this are accessible by all of our customers when requested.

Before undertaking any cleaning a full risk assessment is carried out regardless of how small or big the job is.

Window Cleaning

When we carry out our window cleaning service we use Pure Water-fed poles to work from the ground to ensure that our operators are safe. 

Gutter Clearance

We use lightweight carbon fibre gutter vacuum poles to safely clear out your gutters from the ground, no ladders required. We can safely asses the progress of the cleaning through the use of CCTV inspection cameras. 

Roof Cleaning

When cleaning your roof we ensure that our operators where ever possible operate from scaffold towers, where that is not permissible, we use fall arrest systems to ensure our operators are safe at all times.  

Use of ladders

We only use ladders when absolutely necessary and take all reasonable precautions when using them to work from height. We have specialist equipment to access hard to reach areas safely that could otherwise not be accessed without causing undue risk to us or others.