Domestic Window Cleaning

Bedford Window Cleaning does not have a "One-Size" fits all approach, we tailor the clean to suit the customers needs, we understand that not everyone wants a window cleaner that just visits your area when ever it suits them. We offer our cleaning services on a regular basis at a frequency that suits you.

We have an advanced scheduling system called Jobber that we use to plan all of our visits, when you request a quote through our website it comes directly into Jobber and then is assigned to one of our team who will provide you with a quote.

Pricing depends on the size of and access to the property.

You will receive your quote via email, and if you decide to go ahead you approve it straight away by clicking the link or if you need to make changes we will be happy to assist.


Once you're happy with our quote all that is left is for us to get that first visit booked in, once we have converted your work request to a job, we will contact you via Phone, Text or Email, to arrange when is best to visit.


Want to know when we are due to visit?

We now offer an automated email reminder service with a simple click to confirm appointment you will receive 2 of these emails at 2 days and 1 day prior to our scheduled visit. If you need to discuss the visit with us you can simply reply to the email.

We are currently rolling this way of contacting our customers across our customer base, however we understand some customers don't have email. so we still offer a text or a phone call if that works better for you.


How Bedford Window Cleaning do the first clean on your property.

We start our cleaning process with de-cobwebbing all your windows, frames doors, then we scrub all the window, frames, doors and sills to clean off any dirt and marks, following this we rinse all the frames and windows to remove any dirty water.

Finally after this first cleaning process, we revisit each window, cleaning each pane of glass and giving it a thorough rinse ensuring that no dirt from the frames is left and the windows will dry clear an spot-free.

We use pure water-fed poles to do our cleaning, and following our tired and tested methodical cleaning method we have cleaned property’s across Bedfordshire, achieving first class results every time.

Why your windows are left wet after we visit.

As we use pure water to clean your window after we have scrubbed to agitate all the dirt into solution, we rinse all this dirty water off the glass leaving behind no dirt. All that is left is droplets of pure de-ionised water this has absolutely zero impurity's or minerals in it, our water reads 0 on a Total Dissolved Solids meter (TDS) this is detects impurity's on a parts per million scale (PPM) of which ours reads 0.

Windows will dry spot free with a TDS of up to 50 depending on the minerals in the local area, we only use water with a TDS of 0 and because we produce all our own water we can keep a high level of quality control over all stages of the filtration process. Such is the quality of the water, we use we also sell to other window cleaners across Bedfordshire and beyond.

The pure water droplets will dry on your windows without leaving any water spots on the glass therefore there is no need for us, or you to dry the glass.

How long will my windows stay clean using this method?

By using pure de-ionised water to clean your windows we require no chemicals to break down the dirt, the pure water its-self  is the cleaning agent, as in production it is given a negatively charged state by the de-ionised resin, the dirt is attracted to the water.

This compared to traditional window cleaning using a squeegee and an applicator, there will always be a thin film of the cleaning agent left on the glass, this attracts dirt. Therefore your windows will, in our experience stay cleaner for longer, how long will depend on the environment around your property, but most of our customers have found that by having there windows cleaned by us with pure water, that they can switch from 4 weekly visits, they were having with their traditional window cleaner to 6 or 8 weekly visits from us.

If your unsure how often you would like us to visit ask one of our team and we will give our expert advice based on your location.


Regular Service

If you choose to arrange a regular service with us you can choose the frequency at which we visit, we recommend that that you go for a 4, 6 or 8  weekly service but if that does not suit your needs then we will be happy to organise our visits to suit your needs we also offer on a monthly or 2 monthly frequency. We do not charge extra for our first visit for regular customers unless the windows are in significant neglect. Our regular service runs like clockwork, once you set the frequency at which you want us to visit, our scheduling system notifies us when you're next due and then we get in contact to arrange our visit.

If you decide to skip/postpone a clean please be aware that if the visits extends longer than 2 months between cleans then we may need to charge a one-off clean price to to allow for the extra time it will take our cleaning operatives to bring the window back up to a high standard.  We will make all customers fully aware of this should this be the case.

We understand that customers may need to do this because of access issues due to being away on holiday and we will work with you to try and maintain a regular service. If you have any concerns please do contact us we try to be as flexible as possible to our customers needs.

The First clean, on our initial visit we will clean all your windows, frames and sills thoroughly to bring it up to our high standards this takes longer than a regular clean. Then once finished we will leave our invoice card which details all our payment methods.

We accept the following

  • Cash on the day of visit,
  • Cheque made payable to Bedford Window Cleaning via post or on the day of visit.
  • Online Payment by Bank transfer Please Quote the First Line of your Address
  • Go-Cardless payment for further information and to setup click here

Please note that payment is to be made within 5 Working days, after 14 days a statement of account will automatically be sent.

One-Off Service

One-Off service, if you only need to use our services once, please be aware that this will cost extra compared to a regular service as our first visit takes far longer than a normal clean. However if you decide to continue using our services we will discount your second clean if this second clean is within 2 months of your initial visit and you sign up to a rolling cleaning service with us at an agreed frequency with no more than 2 months between visits.

Our One-Off service is a deep clean of all the windows frames and sills this is the same as the first clean service we do for new regular customers.

Payment for One-Off services is required on the day, before we leave your property.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Cheque made payable to Bedford Window Cleaning
  • Card Payment via Contactless/ApplePay/Chip and Pin/Magnetic Strip (We can accept all major card types)

If you have any questions about our services please get in touch either via Email: [email protected] or by Phone: 0330 043 0010

Very reliable and quality window cleaning service which I have been using for several years now and would recommend.

Kenneth - Cople

Started using this company after being let down by a previous provider. Can't fault them, whatever they promise to do they deliver, they arrive on time, do a great job and leave our windows, frames and window sills looking like new. Excellent business and excellent service, can't recommend them enough.

Paul - Bedford