Commercial Services

Bedford Window Cleaning currently serve customers across East Anglia and beyond.

Within our existing portfolio we carry out regular Window Cleaning, Cladding Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning, for:

  • Offices.
  • Schools.
  • Shop Fronts.
  • Health Clubs.
  • Car Dealerships.
  • Managed Residential Flat Developments.
  • Residential Care and Nursing Homes.

Our company is built on the principles of making quality products and providing reliable service.

Our diversified product range continues to grow by following trends, improving our standard products, and listening to the customer.

Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.

Check out our tailored service for Public or Private sector customers.

Our Services

Window Cleaning

We specialise in providing interior and exterior window cleaning, including high level work, to all types of office, retail and commercial premises.

Wherever possible the latest Pure Water, Reach & Wash equipment to provide an excellent cleaning result whilst carrying out our work efficiently and safely.

Gutter Clearance

We offer a gutter cleaning service for all types office, commercial and industrial properties. All our operatives are fully trained, using professional equipment including Gutter-Vac systems, CCTV inspections and mobile scaffold towers where necessary.

We are committed to providing a high level of commercial gutter cleaning at a competitive price followed by a 12 month guarantee.

When undertaking any form of cleaning service we ensure that we comply fully with Health & Safety/Working At Height Regulations to ensure a risk free, professional service at all times.

Roof Moss Removal & Prevention

Using a combination of tower and MEWP access there is no roof we cannot access to carry-out our service. We have extensive experience on major works projects for several large property management company's transforming entire developments that are in need of various exterior cleaning services.

We can using our specialist equipment safely remove moss for roof tiles and treat to not only prevent moss from regrowth but by removing the biofilm growing on the tile we can actually restore the natural colour too, giving the property a massive visual boost improving its kerb appeal and value.

Render Cleaning

We have extensive experience cleaning render on properties across Bedfordshire, we can safely treat K-Rend and other types of render using our soft wash process.

Our process are industry leading and we have undertaken professional training to ensure the highest quality service we are City and Guilds qualified Professional Softwash Technicians.

Cleaning your render using our methods is far cheaper than re-painting so is a cost effective way to brighten up your property.

Cladding Cleaning

Using a combination of the Pure Water Fed Pole System, mobile platforms or, where permissible, ladders we can access most heights and building types.

The exterior of the premises of many retail outlets, supermarkets, car showrooms and office buildings are characterised by aluminium or steel cladding panels. These become dirty and tired looking over time without a proper maintenance schedule, and therefore does not create a good impression of the business to visitors or clients.

if left untreated these panels can become permanently discoloured through build up of dirt and algae or even corroded, leading to expensive remedial works. A well preserved and clean surface keeps the premises looking fresh and inviting. The inaccessibility of exteriors of many large business premises presents problems so it is best to use the services of a specialist cleaner.

Internal High Level Cleaning

We are able to reach hard to acess areas inside buildings that cannot be cleaned by regular cleaning methods, and require our specialised equiptment to ensure a high quality deep clean.

Often there is a high build-up of dirt and debris, which we can remove without causing a mess.

We use a combination of vacuuming systems and scaffold towers to ensure all our operatives are safe and able to access all the hard to reach areas you require to be cleaned.

We have provided these services to many different types of customers, for example:

  • Local Parish Churches who needed a deep clean right up to the rafters, to remove years and years of dust and cobweb build up. 
  • Local Community Centres with high level ceilings that cannot be cleaned from the ground using normal cleaning methods. 
  • Commercial sites with restricted access to high level cleaning’s which require specialist access equipment to enable removal of debris and dirt.

We tailor the cleaning method specifically to the customers needs, if there are budget constraints we can work with you to provide a service that fits your needs. 

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel installations are usually so high that it is difficult to see how dirty they are becoming over time. The first tell-tale signs will normally be a reduction in efficiency and therefore a reduction in the amount of money you are making on your original, expensive investment.

Various studies have confirmed a correlation between electricity output and the cleanliness of the glass covering your solar panel installation. If you notice a continual reduction in output then this is probably an indication that cleaning could be required. Less sunlight being absorbed by built up dust and dirt means less light reaching the cells on your panels. As a rule, improvements in output of up to 25% can be found through solar panel cleaning.

We use telescopic ultra-light carbon-fibre water-fed poles fitted with soft nylon bristle brushes which gently agitate the stuck on dirt. No detergents or other chemicals are used,only pure, de-ionised water.

We work from the ground ensuring safety requirements are met at all times – no ladders making holes in your lawn or flower borders, no need for scaffolding and no clambering over wet, slippery roofs.

We leave your panels looking brand new, crystal clear and streak free. Most importantly we will be saving you money.