Roof Cleaning / Moss Removal / Softwash

Bedford Window Cleaning specialise in Roof Soft Washing to remove all moss and debris that has built up on your roof.

We have a tried and tested method of cleaning your roof and removing all the moss, we have the ability and experience to clean most domestic roofs safely using a combination of rope access and scaffold towers using extended lances. We ensure all works are being carried out to strict safety standards. We can clean most roofs, using our specialist equipment, however there are a small number of roofs that we cannot access, and if the roof is in a bad state of repair we may be unable to provide our services.

Before we begin any cleaning we use high resolution inspection cameras to visually inspect the roof of your property, we will need to inspect both the outside and interior roof void, for any damage to the roof lining, tiles or existing water ingress. Once our inspection is complete and we deem the roof satisfactory to clean we would begin the cleaning process.

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We use a three stage process to clean your roof.

Stage 1: We spray your roof with a moss and algae removal chemical which works by killing all the moss and algae at its roots to enable easier removal. This process usually takes around 2 hours depending on the size of the roof.

Stage 2: We return to your property around 1-2 weeks later after the chemical has had a chance to do its work properly. On this visit we start by putting debris stoppers in your gutter down pipes to ensure the moss doesn't clog them up. We also cover the exterior of your property with tarpaulins to catch any moss fall that occurs during cleaning. We then begin to remove all the moss and algae and other dirt from the roof to leave the roof tiles looking like there original colour.  Once we have cleaned the roof we clear out all the gutters to ensure there is no moss left in them. We also wash-down any soffits and guttering on the property. Following this we collect all of the fallen moss and take it away for disposal. Finally we finish the cleaning process by cleaning the windows. When we leave your property we aim to leave it as clean as possible.

Stage 3: Once the cleaning process has finished the roof is ready to be sprayed with a moss and algae prevention chemical. This drys on the roof like a layer, preventing any re-growth for several years.


My neighbour and I employed BWC to clean the moss from the roofs of our adjoining bungalows and to clean out the gutters. It was an incredibly messy job - it had not been done in 50 years and the men were out in very cold weather. My neighbour and I to be honest were very nervous in case the roof got damaged or one of the men fell off ! As it turned out we needn't have worried, They were first class professional workmen and did a really excellent job on the roof and cleared up every scrap of the mess washing the windows and the ground around the house with great care. I could not fault them.Also they were extremely pleasant,considerate and friendly throughout. I would highly recommend them and would not hesitate to employ them again.

Hillary - Turvey

The difference before and after treatment was amazing.
Excellent service from a professional team.

Barry - Keysoe