Pure Water Sales

Pure Deionised water for sale, TDS Reading of 0ppm Guaranteed.

We are the cheapest Pure water supplier in Bedfordshire

All prices are VAT inclusive.

  • 250L £15-00 
  • 300L £16-00
  • 350L £17-00
  • 400L £18-00
  • 450L £19-00
  • 500L  £20-00
  • 550L £21-00
  • 600L £22-00
  • 650L £23-00
  • 700L £24-00
  • 750L £25-00
  • 800L £26-00
  • 850L £27-00
  • 900L £28-00
  • 950L £29-00
  • 1,000L  £30-00

Other Quantity's available.

Our Pure Deionised Water is produced through our in house filtration system which ensures the highest quality product, our water goes through a 0.5 Micron filter, Carbon Filter, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, and final polishing through a high quality mixed bed resin, we use a Triple TDS Monitoring systems to ensure quality at all stages of the filtration process, This ultimately ensuring our product has a 0ppm TDS reading.

Delivery available please contact us for delivery arrangements.

  • Super fast fill-up 
  • Manually and automatically tested to ensure the highest quality.
  • Free parking
  • Flexible opening hours
  • Call 0330 043 0010 to arrange larger quantities and collection

Container hire and sale available, 

25L barrel £6-00 to hire or buy 

(Hire requires deposit of £6-00 per barrel)

Please call ahead to confirm quantity required.

Unit 7, Oakley Park,

Station Road




MK43 7RB