Pure Water Sales

Pure Deionised water for sale

We are the cheapest Pure water supplier in Bedfordshire.

With 4,000L of permanent storage we always have pure water available.

All prices are VAT inclusive.

  • 250L £15-00
  • 300L £16-00
  • 350L £17-00
  • 400L £18-00
  • 450L £19-00
  • 500L  £20-00
  • 550L £21-00
  • 600L £22-00
  • 650L £23-00
  • 700L £24-00
  • 750L £25-00
  • 800L £26-00
  • 850L £27-00
  • 900L £28-00
  • 950L £29-00
  • 1,000L  £30-00
  • 2,000L £55-00
  • 3,000L £80-00
  • 4,000L £100-00

Other Quantity's available.

Our Pure Deionised Water is produced through our in house filtration system which ensures the highest quality product, our water goes through a 0.5 Micron filter, Carbon Filter, Double Reverse Osmosis Membrane, and final polishing through a high quality mixed bed resin, we use a Quad TDS Monitoring systems to ensure quality at all stages of the filtration process, This ultimately ensuring our product has a 0ppm TDS reading.

We have updated our water production system for 2019 as demand was high since we started offering pure water for sale during 2018, we were producing 3,000L per day, now with our upgraded system we now produce up-to 8,000L per day, this means that you can be sure that we will always have the highest grade pure water for your needs.

  • Super fast fill-up  
  • Manually and automatically tested to ensure the highest quality.
  • Free parking
  • Cash on collection only
  • Flexible opening hours
  • Call 0330 043 0010 to arrange larger quantities and collection
  • Delivery available please ask for pricing. (Orders of 1000L or more)

Container hire and sale available, 

25L barrel £8-00 to hire or buy (plus the cost of the water) 

25L barrel with pure water £12-00

1000L IBC with pure water £160-00

(Barrel hire requires deposit of £8-00 per barrel)

(IBC container hire not available)

Please call ahead to confirm quantity required.

Unit 7, Oakley Park,

Station Road




MK43 7RB