Internal High Level Cleaning

We are able to reach hard to acess areas inside buildings that cannot be cleaned by regular cleaning methods, and require our specialised equiptment to ensure a high quality deep clean.

Often there is a high build-up of dirt and debris, which we can remove without causing a mess.

We use a combination of vacuuming systems and scaffold towers to ensure all our operatives are safe and able to access all the hard to reach areas you require to be cleaned.

We have provided these services to many different types of customers, for example:

  • Local Parish Churches who needed a deep clean right up to the rafters, to remove years and years of dust and cobweb build up. 
  • Local Community Centres with high level ceilings that cannot be cleaned from the ground using normal cleaning methods. 
  • Commercial sites with restricted access to high level cleaning's which require specialist access equipment to enable removal of debris and dirt.

We tailor the cleaning method specifically to the customers needs, if there are budget constraints we can work with you to provide a service that fits your needs.